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Affordability connecting with the mid-range segment, Samsung galaxy m34.

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Affordability connecting with the mid-range segment, Samsung galaxy m34.


Samsung holds a pride in the production of mobiles is now getting connect with the mid-range segments more through it’s m-series, m34 turning out to be an attracter with its features. mid-range sectors who seeks for more advanced options at an affordable are thinking about the Samsung m34.Samsung phones plays a vital role in the advanced world which needs more improvisation in the viability of the latest types of phones.
targeting the midsections with the capacity wants more advanced features in their hand. Satisfaction is the prime factor which alone can make things to survive and stay longer with more balance in the market, Samsung m34 is into the race with its maximum features which can turn out as a winner with its own quality.

samsung m

samsung m34

Features of the phone 


Regarding camera 50 MP triple camera which initiates for a crystal clear picturization, where as display measure 6.5 in inches and 16.42 in centimeters with 120hz amole can be a satisfier to the buyers. The fifth generation speed highlighting the model – making more its lovers to look deep.

samsung m2

samsung m34

Memory status

stands with 2 types of random access memory. 6gb holds 128gb inter memory and 8 gb with 256gb with extendable options. This can give a diversion from the hanging up problems which comes quite common with few of the androids now a days.

Mobile in three different colors have been introduced in the market with the same features. prism silver, water  fall blue and midnight blue are the decorators of the imagination of the model lovers.

smsung m34

smsung m34

Battery with 6000mah confirms its durability.5years security updates with 4 times of android updates.

Longingness will be a no more long Laster for the smart phone lovers who carries a matter with their affordability. Features in the m34 model phone can be an optional pick for the personalities who are enriched in the affordability also.

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