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Citadel teaser is OUT: The trailer dropping tomorrow!

Citadel teaser is OUT


Citadel teaser is OUT: The trailer dropping tomorrow!

Priyanka Chopra dropped first-look images of her upcoming series Citadel yesterday among the photos she shared on social media was a QR code, that accessed the teaser of the show. In the photo in which actor Richard Madden‘s character Mason Kane is looking at details of Priyanka’s character, Nadia Sinh on a screen containing a QR code. Upon scanning the QR you will be led to the teaser of the series by inserting the password- TIER1.

Screenshot of Priyanka's Insta post

Screenshot of Priyanka’s Insta post

The teaser shows glimpses of high-paced action sequences and it announces that the trailer of the show will drop on March 1. The teaser also shows a shot of Priyanka wearing a green dress.

Billed as a science fiction drama, Citadel is created by the Russo brothers and it is set to premiere on Amazon Prime Video on April 28. The first two episodes will drop on April 28 and the rest will release every week on Friday till May 26.

Glimpses of Citadel teaser

Glimpses of Citadel teaser

Talking about the show, Priyanka said, “I’m a goofball, so what was the biggest challenge for me was to be really cool. This was physically demanding, emotionally demanding, but it’s such a fun show to be a part of. It kind of blew my mind. This is something that’s never been attempted on television before, and just the social experiment and the audacity of it was just so exciting to me.”

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