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Do you also use these SIM cards? then the bank account may be empty, know how

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Do you also use these SIM cards? then the bank account may be empty, know how

eSIM Hacking Fraud: If you are also using eSIM in your phone, then be careful now. Hackers are targeting eSIM users all over the world. Even your personal data and bank details can be stolen. Let’s find out how?

New cases of online fraud keep coming to light every day from all over the world including India. In this, SIM card fraud is the most common, but it has become a matter of great concern because in recent times hackers are using it on a large scale to target people. However, with the changing technology, hackers are also carrying out this SIM card fraud in a new way.

Are using eSIM profile

The new report claims that these hackers are now using eSIM profile to transfer your primary number to steal data and money. eSIM is a digital version of a SIM card that can be programmed at any time and hackers are now using the feature to bypass the physical card and empty bank accounts using the eSIM.

We all know that using mobile number we can login anywhere and even some data can be accessed. However, now hackers are using this trick to easily gain control over the phone. This has been revealed in a recent report by a Russian cyber security firm.

Information given about new dangers

In this report F.A.C.C.T. Has also been cited, which has explained in detail about the new threats related to eSIM and said that hackers are activating eSIM by using QR code, which has become the easiest way to gain control over the device.

You may also be feeling that telecom companies would have a strong mechanism to avoid this fraud, but these hackers know that by having the basic information of the SIM owner, they will be able to clear the authentication steps and contact the telecom companies as per their needs. Facility to make changes in account is available.

So, are hackers able to easily access phone numbers? The company says that they will first try to get your personal details through messaging apps. Only after which the number can be transferred. Although most people do not use eSIM right now, Apple only sells iPhone models with eSIM in some countries, which is a big threat at this time. Therefore, if you also use eSIM, then immediately turn on two-factor authentication in your account.

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