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Enjoy the fun of IPhone on Android Smartphone! Google is bringing a major update

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Enjoy the fun of IPhone on Android Smartphone! Google is bringing a major update

Google Android Latest Features: It seems that these days Google is also following Apple. Yes, in the recent past the company has introduced many such features which are already present on the iPhone. Now the company is going to make another change.

Google has introduced many great features in Android in the recent past. Now premium devices like Samsung and the latest iPhone flagships are starting to have similar features. In terms of OS both are almost similar. Apple has recently opened the third party app store under the DMA of Europe, while on the other hand, Google has increased the security of Play Store, although both are becoming increasingly popular all over the world.

All calls will be visible in the regular call list

Last week, Google banned messaging from rooted Android devices. Earlier, Google was spotted working on Apple-like Satcom SOS feature, some screenshots of which were also leaked and now it is being said that these days the company is working on another feature which is already present in the iPhone. Yes, the company is also preparing to show WhatsApp or FaceTime voice or video call history in the regular call list.


Google on the path of Apple

It looks like Google is following Apple’s lead, with a beta update for the latest Google phone showing WhatsApp calls in the caller list, just like the iPhone. This new update will offer end-to-end encrypted calls that will be as secure as end-to-end encrypted messaging. You can call anyone without any worries.

Can New updates also cause trouble?

However, this update can also be troublesome for some users because when we use it on our iPhone, sometimes instead of a normal call, someone receives a WhatsApp call, which is quite disturbing. You will have to look at the dial list very carefully to find out from which platform the call has been made.

There will be another change

It is also being said that there will be another change in Google’s Phone app where you will be able to convert calls into Meet video chat like iPhone’s Face Time. For example, during a call on an iPhone, there is an option to switch to Face Time.

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