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Finally ! Trisha forgives Mansoor Ali Khan – Details here

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Finally ! Trisha forgives Mansoor Ali Khan – Details here

Mansoor Ali Khan controversial video had taken many turns and finally the actor conveyed his apologize to actress Trisha and wishing he would not repeat such statements on any of the co-stars.

For which Trisha has today kept an important tweet on her social media page as ” To err is human,to forgive is divine”. Finally Trisha has also kept an end to murky battle with a cool message and netizens hails the actress for her graceful note and few mentioned as that she shouldn’t forgive Mansoor Ali Khan for his misogynistic comments.

We had seen that Mansoor Ali Khan is getting backlash from industry people and also society for his derogatory comments on Trisha in his recent video interview which turned out to viral in social media page. Even National Council for Women has appealed to Tamil Nadu Government to arrest Mansoor Ali Khan over this row.

It is an kind gesture from Trisha with divine forgiveness…

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