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Gatta Kusthi Movie Review: Another educational concept with poor execution!

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Gatta Kusthi Movie Review: Another educational concept with poor execution!

Vishnu Vishal and Aishwarya Lakshmi starrer Gatta Kusthi released today and it is getting mixed reviews from the viewers so far.

Story: The movie centers around an amateur kabaddi player from Tamil Nadu who gets married to a  professional wrestler from Kerala. However, little did the two of them know, that their respective family had not revealed the truth and had portrayed fake images of each other to them. Veera( Vishnu Vishal) the amateur kabaddi player wants a simpleton naïve wife and gets an English-savy pro-wrestler because of his parents. Later the two clash and decides to take on each other in a wrestling match to settle their differences.

Gatta Kusthi

Gatta Kusthi

The performance from the actors is good however, the story is a bit weak. It shows a manchild who is influenced by others and is looking for a girl he can control and a confident girl slowly starts to change him. His transition is a bit fast, as years of a mindset are changed completely after a short time. Tough the subtle message about toxic masculinity in the movie is good, it doesn’t give as much of an impact due to the rapid change.

Gatta Kushthi first look poster.

Gatta Kusthi first looks poster.

The comedy punches of the movie are also a hit-or-miss kind of deal which makes the whole thing enjoyable for some while a tad bit dull for others. Also, the fight sequence in the climax looks forced and the woman empowerment message just like said above is good but lacks impact.

Overall, the movie is good and engaging, and the performance from the actors is also good, especially Aishwarya has done a bang-on job in the venture but the story and plot need more finesse.


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