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Google I/O 2024: Google is bringing an amazing feature! You will be able to track the phone even when it is switched off

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Google I/O 2024: Google is bringing an amazing feature! You will be able to track the phone even when it is switched off

Android Smartphone New Features: Google’s developer conference is going to be held soon, where this time the company is preparing to roll out many cool features with Android 15 update. Let us know about it in detail.

The dates of Google I/O 2024 have been announced and soon we can get the first glimpse of many new products including Android 15 in this event. Google’s developer conference will be held on May 14. The special thing is that this time Google is working on a very amazing feature. Soon you will be able to track your Android phone even after it is turned off. Although this feature has been present in iPhone for a long time. Now you will soon be able to enjoy this feature on Android phones also. From a security point of view, this is going to be a big update.

Offline Device Tracking Feature

Let us tell you that leaks of this feature have been coming out since last year, recent reports suggest that Android 15 can introduce offline device tracking. This feature will work similarly to Apple’s Find My Network, which will help users locate their lost or stolen devices even when they are not connected to the internet. According to the information, this feature will maintain the Bluetooth signal even when the device is turned off, so that you will be able to track the device using other devices.


Will bring improvement in privacy

This new Find My Device network can not only increase the security of the device but will also improve privacy. Along with this, if someone tries to track the user by using a third party tracker without their consent, then the users will also get an alert about it. Currently, Google’s Find My Device network can track powered-on Android and Wear OS devices connected to the Internet.

Location will be available even without internet

This feature is going to prove to be quite powerful with the addition of offline device tracking, which will allow users to locate their devices even in situations where they cannot connect to the internet.

Feature will be available on these phones

If the claims made in the report prove to be true, then we may see this feature first on Google Pixel 9. After this the company will also offer it on Google Pixel 8. However, there is no information on whether this feature will be available on all devices because some changes are expected in the hardware for offline device tracking, which means that older models like Google Pixel 7 and Google Pixel Fold will not support this feature.

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