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Here’s Parvati’s side of the story as she refutes the ongoing baseless allegations

Parvathi Nair

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Here’s Parvati’s side of the story as she refutes the ongoing baseless allegations

In October, it was reported that the actress Parvathi filed a complaint against Subhash for allegedly stealing two watches worth Rs 9 lakh, an iPhone worth Rs 1.5 lakh, and a laptop worth Rs 2 lakh from her house. Subhash however, claimed that the actress ‘mentally harassed’ him and is framing him. He also said that the actress spat on his hand and slapped him twice.

Parvathi Nair

Parvathi Nair

The actress has already said that she would be taking legal action if the media were to flame such baseless rumors and now she has explained in detail a series of steps she has taken to seek justice.

She issued a press release on this matter saying, “Over the weekend, there are many news clips, articles and publications made concerning me alleging baseless accusations. I make this press release to clarify my stand on the issue at hand and to put an end to the hoax.

Since my belongings were stolen, lodged a complaint and secured an FIR on 20.10.2022 on the file of Nungambakkam Police Station against one Mr. Subash Chandra Bose and others. I followed due process of law and never overstepped the legal bounds to redress my grievances. With that being the case, it is illogical to allege that assaulted and abused the said Mr. Subash Chandra Bose. He was a part time helper and pet sitter who worked for me during weekends. Though I had valid reason to suspect him. gave him benefit of doubt before lodging the police complaint. Since he was evasive in his reply, I had to lodge a police complaint to recover my belongings. Just out of pure spite, he has gone ahead and published scandalous and false Information against me in social media. His interview and his statement are totally false and I deny such allegations made squarely. His interview and media tactics are only to escape the criminal proceedings being a suspect in the said proceedings and divert attention and also to defame me.”

Parvati Nair's statement

Parvati Nair’s statement

“Further, with regard to the interview and publications by Mr. Seldon George, he was a makeup artist and his claims and complaints against me cannot be further from the truth. His interview with the press portraying me in bad light is absolutely uncalled for and is intended to gain fame at the cost of defaming me. The shoot as alleged by him took place on 05.09.2022 and he has no valid reason to come up with such allegations after lapse of over two months from the date of the shoot. Further in his interview he published unauthorized video captured in is handheld mobile device which is invasion of my privacy. He was neither authorized to capture video nor publish such video,” she added.

She also mentions the legal steps she has taken on this matter by saying,” Upon legal advice have taken the following necessary steps to protect my interest legally.

  1. I have lodged a private complaint against Mr. Subash Chandra Bose and Mr. Seldon George on the file of Metropolitan Magistrate. Egmore. Chennai;
  2. I have lodged complaint before the National Commission for Women;
  • I have filed a suit secking an injunction to restrain publication of such false information and an injunction seeking removal of the existing publications.”


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