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How to use WhatsApp on two different Smartphones from the same number? know about this new feature

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How to use WhatsApp on two different Smartphones from the same number? know about this new feature

WhatsApp Tips and Tricks: In the last few years, many changes have taken place on WhatsApp, which has increased the experience of the users. You must also know how WhatsApp can be used on multiple devices, but today we will tell you how to use one number of WhatsApp account on two phones? Going to give information about this.

How to run one number WhatsApp account on two phones?

WhatsApp Tips and Tricks: Do you also use WhatsApp? Want to know the answers to many questions related to this, like – WhatsApp made from one number can be used in how many smartphones? How many devices can you use one WhatsApp account on? How many WhatsApp accounts can you run simultaneously on one WhatsApp app? Can a WhatsApp account of one number be used on two phones? How can old WhatsApp be updated? How are the new features of WhatsApp used? Let us answer some such questions.

How to open an account on WhatsApp?

Opening an account on WhatsApp is not a big deal. If you are an Android user then open Google Play Store in your phone and download the WhatsApp app. After this, the option to create an account will come and you will have to enter your name, email and phone number. After this an OTP will come on your phone, after entering it your account will be opened on WhatsApp. If you have an iPhone then the process is the same, you just have to go to the App Store to download the app.

How to update old WhatsApp?

Various features and updates keep getting released on WhatsApp, to take advantage of which you will have to update the WhatsApp app. For this go to Google Play Store or App Store. Here you will see the option to update the app, by clicking on that option you can update the app. Make sure that your phone has a good network connection or is connected to WiFi to update.

How to use WhatsApp on two smartphones from one number?

Do you also want to know how to use two WhatsApp from the same number or how to open two accounts on WhatsApp? So let us tell you that you can use one number’s WhatsApp account on two phones. In the year 2023 itself, such a facility has been made available on the platform through linked device. Under this, users can run WhatsApp account simultaneously by linking it on four devices like laptop and phone. Through this multiple device link feature (WhatsApp Multiple Device Linked), users can run WhatsApp accounts on two desktops and two phones.

How to use WhatsApp Account Link Device?

  • First of all open WhatsApp in your phone.
  • After this, three dots will be shown to you on the right side, click on it.
  • Now after New Group, New Broadcast, the third option will be the show of linked device.
  • By clicking on this option, click on Link a Device option.
  • Now open the downloaded WhatsApp on the other phone.
  • In this, the option to scan the QR code will appear.
  • QR code will be showing on the primary phone, scan it.
  • In this way, you will be able to use WhatsApp created with your number in other phones also.

Can you use WhatsApp account on two phones simultaneously?

The Multiple Device Link feature allows you to use one WhatsApp on 4 devices, but if you want to use one account on two phones simultaneously, there will be a difference of a few minutes between their usage. However, with this feature, users have a good option that they will not have to log out of the account to use the app from one device to another.

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