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Japan Misses Everything and You Can too – Movie review

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Japan Misses Everything and You Can too – Movie review

Karthi and Anu Emmanuel starrer Japan film has been released in Tamil and Tamil languages worldwide in record screens. Japan film stood as Diwali entertainer in Telugu and Tamil states. Film has garnered positive buzz with its songs and few dialogues had turned out to be viral in social media channels. Raju Murugan directed this GV Prakash musical film. SR Prakash Babu and SR Prabhu jointly produced the movie. Cinereporters here comes up with Japan review..

Story Line :-

Notorious thief Japan (Karthi) is in underground and in the meantime a biggest theft has happened in the city. A burglary took place in one of the biggest Jewellery store and the estimation is around 200 crores. Police immediately suspects Japan and searches for him in the city. Home Minister (KS Ravi Kumar) serious gives warning to police to take action over it. Finally Japan says that he is not part of the theft and the next steps taken by him forms the crux.

Pros are here :-

Karthi just lived into the skin of a thief and his dialogue delivery is hilarious and his acts also are awesome. Sunil, Vijay Milton and Jithan Ramesh are good in their characters and few scenes are shown very well on big screen. Vijay Milton is good with this camera works while GV Prakash BGM is decent. Raju Murugan is good at witty dialogues.

Cons are here :-

On the flip side, Japan could be said as a miss-fired film in all fields. Director didn’t get his hands on solid script neither the characterization balanced in a way. Few characters seems to be over-boarded at a point and the pace the same time throughout the film all the way. KS Ravi Kumar is waster and Anu Emmanuel has nothing to do but at some points only. Action scenes aren’t well choreographed. Dark humor tested patience of audience at few sequences.

Final Word :-

Karthi performance couldn’t save the film due to Raju Murugan’s miscalculation over the story and its treatment isn’t could at all. Japan is could with Karthi’s acting and GV Prakash Kumar’s music. This crime comedy lacks the enough pace in the screenplay. Editing must have given much priority and dubbing is impressive. Raju Murugan failed in all aspects to bring this film an out and out comedy for this Diwali.

One could skip Japan and Have a other Diwali celebrations..

Rating :- 2/5

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