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LEO Movie Review – Vijay is savior for this bland second half thriller…

VIjay LEO review

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LEO Movie Review – Vijay is savior for this bland second half thriller…

Vijay, Trisha, Sanjay Dutt and Arjun starrer LEO has been released worldwide in record screens and there is quite strong buzz over the blockbuster of the film at box office. Lokesh Kanagaraj is the director of this cult-action thriller and here we comes with its review below

Story Line :-

Film begins in Himachal Pradesh where a cafe is run by Parthiban (Vijay) and he is staying hill station along with his wife Satya (Trisha) and two children. Few Rowdies and local goons all of a sudden run to the cafe and they harm his daughter by giving warning to Parthiban saying they will end his daughter’s life. To save his family from goons, Parthiban fights with gooon and keep an end to them their itself. Post this fight, Local Gangsters with names Harold Das (Arjun) and Antony Das (Sanjay Dutt) thinks that Parthiban is none other than their brother with the name Leo Das. And entire story revolves who is this LEO Das and how he is connected to Parthiban forms the crux..

Pros are here :-

Parthiban universe is show in a slow narration which looks beautiful and peaceful till the action drama open up. Gangsters are established in a unique manner and their chase for Parthiban thinking LEO Das is core plot which showcased in an amazing way. Vijay performances was top-notch in action packed entry where he is introduced as LEO DAS. Vijay is simply superb and lived to the skin of LEO character. Action scenes are well cheoreographed in the first half which goes along with proceedings. Interval episodes are cool and leaves enough hint for the second part.

Trisha is beautiful and other characters played by artists are good in them. Everyone who is waiting for the climax will have an super-surprising awaiting for them.

Cons are here :-

On a simple sense no one believes that Lokesh Kanagaraj will give that much pale second half with his writing which all the way narrates the flash back scenes of LEO DAS. Everyone can say that flashback episodes could be written much well with engaging screen play. Big stars like Arjun, Sanjay Dutt couldn’t leave their mark in this film. Few artists doesn’t have nothing to deal with story line (especially Priya Anand and other actress which is a surprise). Anirudh scroes are best at portions only while VFX was good. Lokesh Kanagaraj gets only average marks for his direction.

Final Word :-

Vijay entirely carries the film on his shoulders and he is only the main attraction along with performance on a whole. Second half is a failure while first half is soul entertainer of LEO. Director and Writers could have focused much on second portion especially in the flashback scenes where characters are major laybacks. Final word we can say that we might miss Lokesh Kanagaraj’s LCU world in major portions of the film.

Rating :- 3/5

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