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Mahek Chahal shares her health update via social media after getting hospitalized

Mahek Chahal

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Mahek Chahal shares her health update via social media after getting hospitalized

Naagin actress Mahek Chahal recently got hospitalized after she was diagnosed with pneumonia. The actress later provided health updates to her fans through her social media handle. In the last post, the actress said, “I have very recently recovered from Pneumonia, feeling much better and am finally resting at home.”

Screenshot of Mahek Chahal

Screenshot of Mahek Chahal

Following that the actress shared a video on her Instagram handle today to give convey her condition to her fans. Mahek is resting on her bed in the video and she says, “I am fine and much better. I got pneumonia because I think I ignored a cold because I was traveling a lot. I was in Chicago and later in Delhi. It was very cold. I just thought it was a normal cold cough. It turns out it was pneumonia. I just ignored it because I was working.”

Screenshot of Mahek's new post

Screenshot of Mahek’s new post

She also advises her fans to not ignore certain symptoms and to get tested before thing turns serious. “So if you have pain in the chest while breathing or coughing, go to the doctor and please get it checked, so that you don’t end up in the hospital like me,” she concluded.

For those who don’t know, Mahek was in ICU for her health condition recently and Hindustan Times quoted her saying, “I was in the ICU for 3-4 days. I was on an oxygen ventilator. I just collapsed on January 2 and it was like knives in my chest. I couldn’t take a single breath. I was rushed to the hospital and admitted immediately. A CT scan was taken. I’m still hospitalized, it’s been eight days, though I’m in the normal ward. I have improved a lot, (but) the oxygen still goes up and down. Both my lungs were infected.”


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