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Mangalavaaram Review – A Splendid dark thriller with never seen exploration

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Mangalavaaram Review – A Splendid dark thriller with never seen exploration

Payal Rajput, Ajmal Ameer, Nandita Sweta in title roles in Mangalavaram film has been released worldwide today with much expectations and in record screens. Ajay Bhupathi is known for his rustic filmmaking and this time he is coming up with dark comedy. Ajay Ghosh, Divya Pillai, Ravindra Vijay and Chaitanya Krishna are seen in other important characters. Ajaneesh Loknath has given tunes while Swathi Reddy Gunupati, Suresh Varma M are producing the movie. Here we come up with Mangalavaaram movie review and its pros and cons..

Story :-

A series of Couples death turned out to be mystery in a small village and the people in that place believe that if they had extramarital affair their village goddess is punishing them in this way as the deaths are happening only on Tuesdays. Maya (Nandita Swetha) who comes in as Police officer to that village finds that the deaths aren’t suicide but murders. Finally villagers finds a way to find out the reason for deaths and what is the connection of Sailaja aka Sailu (Payal Rajput) who was pushed away from the village longtime ago forms the crux…

Pros are here :-

The way Ajay Bhupathi managed to present the verythin line of his story line which he wants to convey in Managalavaram. This film describes very known concept of Telugu cinema but in a different concept and throws away about the vulgarity in other stream. Second Half brings the main execution of the story and the wrong things and hardships which Payal Rajput comes over are very well shown and climax is super-good. A bow to Payal to accept such role and her performance is a big plus. Ajaneesh Loknath’s music is soul of this rustic village drama and others are good with their performance.

Cons are here :-

Mangalavaaram lacks to bring that interest in the first half as the narration runs at slow pace and test patience of the audience as they think where the story is going on. Main lead of this film Payal Rajput’s character bought before the interval and the scenes pre-interval aren’t that good and the narration lacks the consistency. At the time of multiple murders, the scenes didn’t elevate that much and fight sequences between villagers aren’t dealt well. Priyadarshini’s cameo is wasted as it hasn’t bring that much effect over the scenes. First half is major let back of this thriller. Post Interval is good than the first half.

Final Word :-

Mangalavaaram first half is wasted as director failed to show the story and its screenplay goes like a snail. Second half packs with the thrilling elements and performance as lead stars are at top-notch. Characters are ended with proper end by the end of the film. Audience expected a big star behind the mask but director brings up a small time actor who is the boy friend of Payal Rajput in the movie. Cinematography and Music are major plus to showcase the film in a new concept. Production values are rich. One could give a watch of the movie or wait for OTT release.

Rating :- 3.25/5

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