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Manjima Mohan was conflicted between her heart and brain before her wedding

Manjima Mohan and Gautham Karthik

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Manjima Mohan was conflicted between her heart and brain before her wedding

Majima Mohan tied the knot with Tamil star Gautham Karthik on the 28th of last month. According to reports, the couple fell in love while working on the movie ‘Devarattam’ and later after dating for three years, they decided to get married. The wedding grandly took place and several celebrities from the movie industry graced the big day for the couple.

Gautham Karthik and Manjima

Gautham Karthik and Manjima

However, Manjima has now shared that she had to face a dilemma minutes before the wedding. The actress shared a picture from her wedding day on her Instagram today with a caption saying, “This was taken just a few minutes before the wedding. While my brain was asking me to be anxious my heart asked me to smile. And I followed my heart”.

Screenshot of Manjima's post

Screenshot of Manjima’s post

Well considering the wedding is a big decision, getting cold feet at the last minute is quite common. Nonetheless, Majima went on with the wedding, and Karthik has not let her regret her decision. Furthermore, Karthik commented on the post saying, “I love your smile” which further shows their love.

Meanwhile, Gautham Karthik is currently working on ‘Pathu Thala’ with Sumbu. Aside from this, he also has another project titled ‘August 16, 1947’ under his pipeline. Manjima on the other hand is gearing up for the release of her next movie, ‘October 31st Ladies Night’.

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