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Microsoft users caution! Is this AI Tool really safe?

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Microsoft users caution! Is this AI Tool really safe?

Microsoft Copilot Image Generation Feature: Do you also use Microsoft’s Copilot to create photos from text prompt, then be careful now because this AI tool is not safe. Let us know why? We all know that Microsoft’s Bing Chat was one of the first AI chatbots to bring the image generation feature and it offered users a place where they could create AI-generated content as well as photos. Over the past few months, the company has made significant upgrades to Bing AI and now we all know it as Copilot. However, a Microsoft employee now says that Copilot’s image generation feature is not as safe as it should be.

Is this AI tool not safe?

Microsoft AI engineer Shane Jones has recently expressed his concerns about the Copilot AI tool. He has said in a LinkedIn post that the company’s AI tool does not have any security function against creating violent and erotic images. Despite several attempts to alert Microsoft management to these issues, Jones claimed that no action was taken. He has also sent a message to the Federal Trade Commission and the Director of Microsoft regarding this.

Jones, who is the head software engineer at Microsoft, has revealed that the company is aware of the glitch in its AI image generator, Microsoft’s CoPilot Designer. This tool creates images based on text using OpenAI’s DALL-E 3 artificial intelligence system. Jones argued that the Copilot designer should be removed from public use until it stops generating harmful content. Jones said the tool does not have reasonable restrictions.

making erotic images

Using the “Car Accident” prompt, the Copilot designer “created a dirty picture of a woman,” the software engineer told CNBC. He also told how this tool is creating pictures of underage drinkers and drug users on typing the prompt “Teenagers 420 Party”.

Is this AI tool not safe?

We also used the image generator feature of this Copilot, and the AI tool created a scary picture of a monster hiding in a child’s room. However, when we asked the AI ​​tool to create a photo of a murder, a pop up message appeared on the tool in which it refused to do so, the tool said in its warning message that the tool does not create violent images. It is possible that the company has now fixed it or there may still be some bugs left which we may not have found. But if the tool is really making such pictures then it becomes a matter of concern.

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