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Movie Pushpa 2 launch date deferred

Pushpa 2 to kickstart on November 13.

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Movie Pushpa 2 launch date deferred

The hit movie “Pushpa 2” starring Allu Arjun is delayed. The first part of the movie was released on 17 December 2021 and made a total of ₹355–₹365 crores at the box office.

Allu Arjun in the Pushpa movie. [Image Source: Google]

According to recent news, it is stated that the second part of the hit movie is going to be delayed. The shooting of the movie was supposed to begin in the last week of October but was postponed and will most probably start in the first week of November or December.

Allu Arjun in the Pushpa movie. [Image Source: Google]

It is stated that the reason for the postponement was the delay in the development of the script. But another factor also made the postponement was that the director was confused about choosing the location as the movie is getting a part two the directors are thinking of giving something new to the audience.

Allu Arjun in the pushpa movie. [Image Source: Google]

Due to this fans have to wait a little bit longer for the arrival of the movie and it is even possible that the movie could be released in 2024 or the summer of next year.

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