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Premam director announces his retirement from filmmaking

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Premam director announces his retirement from filmmaking

Premam shot fame Malayalam Director Alphonse Puthren has shocked entire film industry by announcing his retirement from filmmaking as he his suffering from Autism Spectrum Disorder.

It is known that the director has started his new film title Gift and now this sudden announcement surprised every film fraternity. Alphonse has said that he himself came to known that he is suffering from disorder and don’t want to be burden to film industry anymore.

He posted on Instagram as below :-

“I’m stopping my cinema theatre career. I have Autism Spectrum Disorder which I found out yesterday on my own. I don’t want to be a burden to anyone else. I will continue doing songs and videos and short films and maximum on OTT. I don’t want to quit cinema, but I have no other option. I don’t want to make promises that I can’t keep. When health is weak or unpredictable, life brings a twist like an interval punch ,”

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