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Ritu Varma as Queen Rukmini Devi

Telugu cinema

Ritu Varma as Queen Rukmini Devi

Ritu Varma takes the lead role in the upcoming film “Swag” alongside Sree Vishnu. In a character introduction video, she embodies the persona of Queen Rukmini Devi from Vinjamara Vamsham, amusingly jesting at Sree Vishnu’s remarks. Asserting the greatness and power of women, she sets the tone for the film.

However, Sree Vishnu, while extending birthday wishes, clarifies that “Swag” delves into the story of men and their legacy, termed as “Swaganiki Vamsham”. Promising a delightful cinematic experience, “Swag” marks another distinctive venture from Sree Vishnu and Hasith Goli. The film boasts of a talented crew with Vedaraman Sankaran handling cinematography.

Vivek Sagar composing music, and Viplav Nyshadham editing. GM Shekar oversees the art department, while Nandu master choreographs the stunts, ensuring a visually captivating and action-packed production.

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