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Sardar Movie Review


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Sardar Movie Review

P.S. Mithran’s films have the uniqueness of presenting the film with an underlying social message,, and in Sardar, he has joined with Karthi for a thriller that also has a message. Let’s see what he has in store with Sardar review.


The story opens in 1988, with Sardar, an Indian raw agent disappearing and being branded as traitor. Cut to the present day, carrying this burden as a son, Inspector Vijaya Prakash (Karthi) is a sincere cop and puts all his efforts to earn the good name. He falls for Shalini (Raashi Khanna), his childhood sweetheart and a lawyer. On the other hand, a massive project named One Line One Pipe is being planned and has been bagged by Maharaj Rathore (Chunkey Pandey) a business magnate, and Vijay gets into this situation of deceit and calamity, and to resolve this, Sardaar comes into action. Who is this Sardaar? How does he resolve the issue and save people forms the crux of Sardaar.

Plus Points

Karthi delivers one of his finest performances in the film. He impresses us in multiple roles and different body language for each role. He is the major asset of the movie.

Raashi Khann gets a decent role, and she supports karthi throughout the proceedings. Laila has a crucial role, and she delivers her best. Chunky Pandey was impressive in the lethal role. Rajisha has also done a good job. Yugi Sethu is terrific as usual.

The film works for its characterization and storyline. The writer-director has done extensive research. The action sequences of the movie are brilliant and the choreographer deserves a special mention.


Minus Points

The film in the initial portions of the movie deviate from main plot and the romance track looks a bit boring. Some of the scenes could have been trimmed in the first half. The story gets predictable after a point, and the climax could have been better.


Sardar is a technically sound film. BGM by G.V. Prakash Kumar enhances the visuals and action sequences are major asset. The songs could have been placed better. George C Williams cinematography is on top notch, elevating Kathir’s art work. Ruben’s editing between parallel action blocks deserves a mention, but he could have trimmed down scenes in the initial half. P.S. Mithran does a decent job in highlighting another core issue.


Sardar is an action thriller with a spy angle and Karthi does a wonderful job with his performance, while PS Mithran once again succeeds in bringing out an entertainer with underlying message.

Rating :3.25/5

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