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Secure Your WhatsApp with 4 Simple Steps: Say Goodbye to Hackers

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Secure Your WhatsApp with 4 Simple Steps: Say Goodbye to Hackers

WhatsApp Trick: Cases of online scams are continuously increasing, apart from this hacking is also in full swing. It has become very easy for hackers to hack WhatsApp. But with one setting you can keep your WhatsApp safe. With 4 steps your account can be 100% secure.

WhatsApp PIN

On WhatsApp, you can set a special PIN to keep your account more secure. This is called two-step verification. When you create your WhatsApp account, you get an SMS, apart from that this PIN further strengthens your security. It is very important to enter this PIN so that no hacker can steal your WhatsApp account.

How To Secure WhatsApp With PIN

About 50% of the fraud cases related to WhatsApp occur when people lose their accounts. By entering this PIN you can keep your account safe. Setting a PIN helps ensure that the account does not fall into the hands of criminals. You can enter the PIN by following the steps given below…

WhatsApp PIN Secure Process

Open WhatsApp and go to Settings. Tap “Account” and then select “Two-Step Verification.” Select “Enable”. Create a six-digit PIN of your choice and re-enter it to confirm.

It is not necessary to enter an email

You can also add an email address to retrieve your PIN if you forget it. It is not necessary to enter this email. If you don’t want to add an email, you can tap “Skip.”

Can be activated through SMS

Finally, tap “Next” to turn on two-step verification. Now whenever you enter your WhatsApp number on a new phone, you will have to enter this six-digit PIN along with the SMS verification code.

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