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This special Nokia phone is coming to refresh memories, you will also get the game of Snake and Balloon

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This special Nokia phone is coming to refresh memories, you will also get the game of Snake and Balloon

Nokia 3210 Feature Phone Launch Date: Even today, on hearing the name Nokia, a powerful feature phone starts roaming in our mind. Games like GTA are present in the market today, yet it is very difficult to forget that snake game. The company is also preparing to launch a new feature phone to refresh memories.

For some time now it was being said that Nokia will not launch any new phone now but recently the company has made a post on X which has surprised everyone. HMD has announced that new Nokia phones will be available soon. The special thing is that the company has announced that it will soon introduce one of the most popular feature phones in a new avatar. The company has also shared a new post on X in which it was said that an icon is coming back on Nokia’s birthday in the month of May.

Nokia 3210 will launch again

Actually, the company is preparing to re-launch the Nokia 3210 feature phone, but the company will present it with minor hardware and design changes. This also means that the feature phone can be introduced in the market with a new operating system. The teaser made it clear that the popular feature phone will be launched on March 18, which is 25 years after its launch in 1999.

The first glimpse of the phone was seen in yellow color

A leaked report also claims that the device can come in several shiny color options, one of which is the yellow color variant shown in this teaser. Although the brand has not made any official announcement about the feature phones and what is being launched, but the brand has announced during the MWC 2024 keynote that there are a lot of products ready to launch in May. This means that there is every possibility that Nokia 3210 can be launched.

Many models were re-launched

For your information, let us tell you that the company has already re-introduced Nokia 3310, which caught the attention of many people, especially when Nokia’s ringtone was heard again. In the last few years, the company has re-launched models like Nokia 3310, 8210 4G and Nokia 5710 with new features. It is also being said in some leaks that we may get to see Snake and Balloon games again in this upcoming new phone.

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