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WhatsApp is bringing 2 great features! Chatting will have double fun, know how

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WhatsApp is bringing 2 great features! Chatting will have double fun, know how

Whatsapp Upcoming Features 2024: Do your friends or relatives sometimes send you voice notes on WhatsApp? It is fine at home but when we are in office or in a meeting somewhere, then this becomes a disturbing message. Well, WhatsApp is now going to save you this time and is preparing to introduce a tremendous feature soon.

Voice notes will be converted into text

According to a recent report, WhatsApp may soon let you convert voice notes into text so that you will be able to read the voice note without playing it. This feature will initially be launched for iOS users, later the company can introduce it for Android users also.

Feature revealed in the report

According to a report by WA Beta Info, WhatsApp has recently introduced a feature which can prove to be extremely helpful for those users. This is going to be a great feature for those users who want to know what can happen inside the voice note but do not want to play the voice note.

The feature will come on iPhone first

The report also says that after the success of the feature on iOS, WhatsApp will start testing it for Android users, indicating a significant progress towards inclusivity and convenience across its diverse user base.

Will be able to pin more chats

Apart from this, the company is working on another amazing feature these days where you will soon be able to pin more than 3 chats. This feature will prove to be very helpful for those people who are associated with many groups. Currently, you can pin the chats of only three people on the platform, but after this update is rolled out, you will be able to pin 5 or more people.

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