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With Google Maps you will be able to save petrol and diesel, the trip will be completed at less cost.

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With Google Maps you will be able to save petrol and diesel, the trip will be completed at less cost.

Google Maps: Google Maps is a navigation app, which is used by millions of people. This app comes in handy when people have to go on a trip and they do not know the way to go there. This app tells people the complete route to reach that place. People have to enter their starting point and destination point in this app. After this the app does its work and tells people the complete route to reach that place on the screen. This app is quite reliable because it is made by Google, which is the world’s well-known search giant company.

There is a very amazing feature available on Google Maps app, with the help of which users can save on petrol and diesel during trips. This feature helps in finding the least fuel efficient route for the vehicle. It is quite easy. But, many people are not aware of this feature. If you also do not know how to enable this feature, then do not worry. Today we will tell you the complete process of turning on this feature. It is quite easy and you can do this by following simple steps. Let us tell you what you have to do to use this feature.

How this feature works

Keeping in mind which route will have less traffic and the fuel your vehicle runs on (petrol or diesel), Google Maps will suggest the least fuel efficient route. This means that Google Maps app can now not only tell you the route that takes the shortest time but can also tell you the route that consumes the least fuel. Therefore, if you want to save money then definitely use this new feature of Google Maps.

How to activate the feature

1. First of all open Google Maps app in your smartphone.
2. Then tap on your profile picture.
3. After this go to Settings and then tap on Navigation settings option.
4. Scroll down the screen and go to Route options.
5. Then turn on the Prefer fuel-efficient routes option.
6. After this, to tell on which fuel (petrol, diesel, electric) your vehicle runs, tap on Engine type and select your engine.

How to use feature

1. Open the Google Maps app.
2. Enter the address of where you want to go.
3. Tap on the Directions option at the bottom left corner of the screen.
4. Then go to Trip Options.
5. Here, select the engine of your car by clicking on the Engine type option.

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