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Siddharth shares deets of the ‘harassment’ his parents face at Madurai airport


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Siddharth shares deets of the ‘harassment’ his parents face at Madurai airport

Actor Siddharth recently posted an Instagram story claiming that his parents were harassed at Madurai airport by CISF personnel. Sharing the details of the harassment the actor posted a detailed description of the incident today on his Instagram profile.

Screenshot of Siddharth's Insta story

Screenshot of Siddharth’s Insta story

In the new post, the actor revealed that his elderly parents were harassed for 20 minutes. “I was travelling with my family this time. Three elders, two young children, and a few adults. The airport was empty and we went to clear security well before our boarding time. The security line was also empty and we were the only passengers going through at the time,” the actor wrote while thanking his fans who showed their support towards him since he first talked about the incident.

Screenshot of Siddharth's post

Screenshot of Siddharth’s post

“The CISF individual who sat behind glass kept scrutinising our IDs repeatedly including the children’s passports. He then looked at my face and Adhaar card and shouted ‘yeh tum ho?’ When I told him it was me and asked him why he asked me that question when my ID looks exactly like I do, he said he had doubts. Then the next individual shouted at us asking ‘Hindi samajhte hain na?’ And before we answered, rudely went on that he would throw out any iPad or phones that he found. After my bag cleared, he then took out my earphones and threw them on the tray. I told him that at various airports we have lost electronics like earphones and apple pencils and even phones left on the tray and have been advised to avoid keeping them on the tray because of theft. To which we were told that this is Madurai and these are the rules,” he added.

The actor then shared how his mother was made to remove coins from her bag and that a child’s medical condition was discussed in public. “One of the children has medical need syringes that were in a clearly marked med bag. My sister requested him to come and speak to her in private. Why was the curious gentleman asking for medical details of a sensitive nature across an open area. Is it fair to reveal people’s personal details like this?” Siddharth continued.



“At this point 20 mins had passed. I asked to speak to the senior most member of their team. When the said person approached me, I removed my mask and the person speaking to me recognised me and said “I’m your fan. Please go ahead.” I told him I didn’t want his kindness after them recognising me. None of our family members behaved badly with them and they had been very rude to us and it was a disturbing experience specially for our elders. ”

The actor further went on about the details of the whole incident and mentioned that this was not normal for CISF officers as he flies multiple times a week without incident.

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